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Dancing Tips

SELECT A SONG THAT IS NOT TOO LONG - Choose a song that is under 4 or 4 1/2 minutes (around 3 or 3 1/2 minutes long is best.) Songs longer than that will get boring for your guests.

PRACTICE YOUR DANCE WITH THE SONG YOU SELECTED. When you practice, put the CD on repeat. Once you get comfortable with the dance steps and timing to your first dance song, also practice with other songs and faster and slower tempos so you can dance to a variety of music tempos at your wedding.

PRACTICE YOUR DANCING - Regular practice is the only way to get comfortable with the steps and with dancing together so it feels natural. This will also help you learn to lead and follow and look good when you dance. The more you do practice, the better it feels!  Plan to practice.... at least three 20 minute sessions a week for a few weeks. Your goal is to feel that you are "dancing as one".

CONSIDER TAKING DANCE LESSONS -If you want your first dance to look really great, take private dance lessons (5 to 10 is a good average). If you can't take private lessons, the next best option is to buy a dance instruction DVD. The menu on DVD's makes it easy to select each dance and repeat and learn the steps. Many dance DVD's give you a good selection of songs with comfortable dance beats to practice your dancing.

WHAT SIZE IS YOUR DANCE FLOOR ? Are you going to do a formal ballroom dance? Find out what size your reception dance floor is and try to practice your dance using the same approximate space at home.  If you do not have enough space to practice the full dance routine, practice one or two individual steps at a time.

PLAN HOW WILL DANCE START AND END - Will it be at the beginning of the reception or after dinner? How will you START and END your first dance?

LOOK AT YOUR NEW WIFE OR HUSBAND, or close your eyes during an embrace, but DO NOT look at your feet when dancing. Believe it or not, your feet will work without your looking at them !

INFORM YOUR TEAM - Tell your Band or DJ when you plan to do your first dance. Don't let your MC just suddenly say "Ladies & Gentleman, the bride and groom will now have their First Dance!" To be sure of getting great pictures of your first dance, tell your photographer and videographer when you plan to start your first dance and, if possible, demonstrate which dance moves you'd like them to capture...especially important is the dip at the end of your dance.

PLAN FOR THE UNEXPECTED TO HAPPEN - No matter what happens during your first forgetting a step or twirl, just keep dancing, enjoy the thrill of this special time together and just have fun and enjoy your first dance!  Remember no one knows what your dance step should be but you. Also matter what last minute changes he makes....follow him anywhere!

Preparing for Your Reception with Dance Lessons

You don’t have to be a dancing queen and king at your wedding, but it adds a sweet, romantic touch. More and more couples are opting to dance with their own star on their Big Day, and, as such, are getting into the groove ahead of time.

If you are both excellent dancers, all you need to do is pick a dance and choose a song. It can be the first dance, or one you throw in later on. If one, or both of you, has two left feet, take classes. The last thing you want to do is get up in front of everyone and come across like the elephant in the reception living room. Finding an instructor is an easy thing to do: Simply check the Yellow Pages, do a Google search, and, of course, ask friends for recommendations.

Into the groove.
Ballroom dancing (the kind you see on DWTS) is the most common style couples learn for weddings; that includes the Fox Trot, the Box Step, the Mambo, Rumba, etc. The dances are not that complicated, but nerves can do funny things to your twist. Talk to an instructor, tell her how long you have before the wedding, and make sure you have plenty of time to master the steps. Generally, a good instructor can teach you how to dance in about six weeks. The timeline varies, depending on how many classes a week you take, and your skill level. Also, keep in mind that, as the wedding approaches, you are going to be overwhelmed with other tasks, so make sure you schedule before you’re bogged down with planning.

As for the cost, prices depend on the trainer, location, and how many classes you take. Starting off with about 75 dollars an hour is a good way to begin, and then talk to the studio about discounts for more classes. You can also do group classes, where you get less one-on-one time, but save a chunk of money.

There are dance books and DVD’s available as well. Some of them are great, but keep in mind that you need to have a certain amount of know-how to pick up a dance from instructions on the page. Once you decide to do the dance, you can inform your loved ones ahead of time, or make it a complete surprise. Either way, you’re sure to score all 10s.

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