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Dances, Private Parties & Banquets

Looking to have a great dance party, remembered by all for years to come? Here are some clever hints for you to consider to help make this the best party ever!

Do It Right!

Most dinner/dance banquets and parties start with a short cocktail hour, followed by dinner. Often, a short welcoming speech by one of the principals of your organization is planned prior to the meal. This is a wonderful way to make everyone feel welcome and set the tone for the evening. Ensure that the people that are speaking deliver their speeches in an outgoing and potentially humorous fashion. This can go a long way in creating a festive or joyous atmosphere and adding to the success of your engagement.

If you are planning a raffle or prize giveaways, give one or two away at the beginning of your event. Though prizes and awards are typically given out after dinner, one or two draws before can get people involved and excited!

Music during the cocktail hour can be several types. If it is a holiday party you are planning, Christmas music is appropriate, but it may be better to limit the amount of festive tunes played as people tend to tire of Christmas music during the holiday season. We can play light jazz, or a light rock-soul-oldies mix instead. For a good up-tempo change, we suggest a mix of modern Swing and traditional Big Band, as well as vocalists such as Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr., and others. If you have a specific type of mood you want to create, be sure to let us know so we can provide music to enhance that mood or theme!

Following dinner, a short program of awards, presentations, acknowledgments or a raffle is often done. You will have the use of our sound system for this purpose (complimentary with all "Evening Packages"). It is very important to let us know what sort of presentations, gifts, prizes and awards will be given out, even if it is a surprise to your guests. The more we know about your event, the more we can do for you! If desired, we can provide accompanying music or (for a nominal fee), a short production of music and sound effects "on cue" which will make your entire program a huge hit (rather than a monotonous series of awards). If you are including slide shows or lengthy presentations, these should begin during dinner or desert. Your guests may become tired if the formal program does not start until after a filling meal.

Once the formalities are over, it is time for your guests to relax and the fun to begin. The best way to ensure a successful event is to make it unique and memorable! (click on the GOOD TIMES INTERACTIVE link below to view some suggestions for getting your guests motivated for the party). Use your knowledge of your guests and your vision of "the best party" to decide which of the following INTERACTIVE IDEAS (eg. Tune Trivia / Karaoke / Air Band / Game Shows etc.) may be appropriate. We are also open to any ideas you may have to liven up your party.