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What makes your company worth our investment?
Our care and concern for special events is well known in Canada by our past & present clients, as well as banquet coordinators & event professionals in Vancouver, Banff, Calgary, & Winnipeg. We are able to bring our experience from thousands of performances to your one special night. This means we make your vision of the perfect celebration a reality. Our fresh look brings a new definition to "experienced DJ." We've been entertaining for almost 20 years; our systems are uniformly sleek and state-of-the-art, and of course each disc jockey is highly polished and our entertainers, energetic. The investment you make in our company reflects the expertise and quality we bring to your special event.

Is setup time included in your price?
You never have to pay for regular setup or takedown time. We typically arrive an hour prior to our contracted start time, but it's on our own time! The same applies for takedown time after your event. However, if your event requires a set-up earlier in the day or the evening before, additional charges will apply.
Do you take breaks?
Our services are truly uninterrupted and non-stop. From our scheduled start-time to our scheduled end-time, we will never pause the music (except during speeches/toasts and if you request us to do so for special announcements, gift giving etc.) or take a break. Much unlike bands that need to stop and rest, we can just keep playing straight through your event!

Can we choose the styles of music or specific songs to be played at our event?
You'll be amazed at how flexible we are when it comes to music selection! Regarding music categories and your tastes, we supply all of our clients with our Event Planning Guide where we encourage our clients to 'check' or 'highlite' categories of music they want to hear, or believe their guests would enjoy. As for specific song titles, we will happily play your musical choices.

We've had clients that have chosen every song for the entire event and others that have left the music selection completely up to us. Our recommendation is for you to provide us with a list of "play if possible" songs. This will leave plenty of room for requests from your guests and our selections. You may also stipulate that we not take requests from you guests. If you decide to chose your own music, understand that due to the length of the average song, we are usually limited to 15-18 songs per hour (or 60-72 songs over the course of a typical four hour dance)

Can we have a "Do Not Play" list?
Of course you can. In fact, a Do Not Play section is included in our Event Planning Guide. Sometimes the Do Not Play list is equally important or moreso than the request list itself! We will abide by your wishes or those of your social/entertainment committee. Understand that if a guest requests a song that is on your "do not play" list, it will not be played.

What if we want a song that you don't have?
While our music libaries contain the widest variety of danceable hits from the 1940s to today, it's likely you may have a few obscure requests or AVLA restricted songs that are not in our repertoire. In this case, we would be more than happy to play your CD(s). As you're making your request list, simply indicate which songs you'll be providing. Please note that we ask for any "must play" songs or requests to be provided by you in case we don't have them or if they are restricted by licensing regulations. You can bring your CDs to us at the start of the event and collect them at the end. (CDs must be in "audio" or .wav format only, not MP3, and should be tested in a regular CD player to ensure they play on our systems).

How loud do you play the music?
One of the greatest complaints of many bands and DJs alike is that they played the music too loud. It doesn't have to be that way! Although diffferent venues have different accoustics, our common sense (and digital sound meters) protects your guests from loud music. Our 'short-throw' commercial sound systems allow us to focus the music on the dance floor during the dancing portion of the night, allowing guests in other areas of your venue to comfortably carry on a conversation. We pride ourselves on occasionally being asked to 'turn the music up' - we are never asked to 'turn it down'.

Do you hang any banners or other advertisements?
Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on being classy! While we appreciate referral business, we feel our services speak for themselves. We will not hang any banners or set out promotional material at your event, nor will we put any brochures on the dinner tables. The extent of our "advertising" is keeping business cards in our pockets that guests can ask for at any time.

How interactive are your DJs?
A very familiar question! Understand that different disc jockeys and entertainers are assigned to different styles of packages (eg. for weddings, we currently have four Gold DJs - seven Platinum/Plus entertainers - three Diamond entertainers) Often times when a prospective client is looking for the perfect DJ or entertainer, they search for one who fits the level of interaction they're looking for, whether it be conservative or outgoing. Depending on which package you choose, your disc jockey or entertainer can be conservative, outgoing, or anywhere in between. By default, our Gold DJs are non-interactive; they are there to take requests and play great music, whereas our Platinum & Diamond entertainers will be as interactive as necessary to keep your guests having a good time at your event. In any case, you'll never hear one of our DJs or entertainers being silly or immature on the microphone. Even at our most outgoing level, we still remain totally professional and classy.

Who will be our Disc Jockey/MC/Entertainer?
That depends on you! We always match clients with the most suitable DJ or entertainer based on your musical stylings and tastes, and depending on which music package you choose. Once you return your completed questionnaire to us or fill out our online event planning guide, we will use that information to 'match you up' with the best-suited disc jockey or entertainer.  Once assigned, your DJ or entertainer will contact you to review details about your function and provide assistance to you and other profesionals hired for your event (Good Times happily provides a complimentary, initial consultation at any time. Additional, pre-event consultations may be subject to a nominal fee. A free consultation can be made available with Platinum & Plus packages that are booked with special circumstances (eg. out-of-town bookings). Diamond packages include unlimited consultations (within reason) & planning assistance)

How far will you travel?
In Western Canada, we travel throughout Southern Alberta & BC. Travel charges and accomodations may apply depending on locations and distance travelled. Our disc jockeys and entertainers are based in Calgary & Banff. If your event is taking place elsewhere from these above locations, please contact us and we'll let you know if we serve that area.

Do you offer a contract or written agreement?
Absolutely. Our contract is straightforward and written in plain English so that you can understand the terms before signing. It is signed by both parties and offers you a high level of protection and dependability. With the contract you can be assured that there will be no hidden extra charges or surprises at your event. The signed contract and deposit officially reserves your date, and we give you your own copy for your records. If you have any questions or concerns about the terms, just ask!

Is tipping or a gratuity required for the DJ?
By no means is tipping mandatory or expected. We charge a professional rate for a professional service. This means you won't see a tip jar on our table, nor will you be billed for an additional gratuity over-and-above your package cost. Our entertainers and DJs often receive a tip for doing a great job, but you are under no obligation to do so.

Should we feed the DJ?
If we are providing background music for your cocktail and/or dinner periods, we'll often be at your event for nine or ten hours when set-up and tear-down time is considered. Because most venues do not allow us to bring our own food or drink, we ask that a meal be provided for your disc jockey/entertainer if you have us booked during dinner.

What is the deposit and when is the final payment due?
We require a minimum $150 deposit and signed contract to reserve your date. The remaining balance is due at least seven days prior to your event date (payment plans can also be easily set-up). We will gladly accept your personal or certified cheque, money order, cash or Visa/Mastercard payment.

How early should we book?
Simply put...the sooner the better! Some of the most popular dates (Summer long-weekends and Saturdays in June, July & especially August) can and do book as early as one year in advance. Our suggestion is to be prepared to sign a contract as early as 8-12 months before. Depending on availability, some dates remain open until the month before. So if you're planning an event for next month, it's worth it to check our availability.

Are your rates negotiable?
Our rates are based on our cost of doing business as well as the value we place on the job. We take all events seriously and attend to each in a professional manner. We're confident you will find our prices to be exceptionally competitive, especially during promotional periods where discounts are offered on certain packages. If our prices are a bit more than you planned to spend, just remember the old saying "you get what you pay for." When you book our services, you're not only paying for incredible entertainment, you're paying for peace of mind.

Are you a member of any professional organizations?
We're a proud member of numerous organizations that promote professionalism and ethics in the DJ & wedding entertainment industry, such as the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA), The World Wide Disc Jockey Association & The Bridal Network.

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