Good Times Disc Jockey & Entertainment Services leads the way in providing first-class fun for banquets, dances & special events. Spice up your party by including one of our interactive services, either on its own, or as an 'add-on' to our great music or DJ packages. Consider the following ideas to help make this your best party ever!

Comedians / Entertainers (available by itself or as an add-on):
The addition of a comedian, impersonator, one-man-band, or other humorous entertainer can go a long way towards the success of your event. Even a short 30 minute comedy set, or an appearance by one of our impersonators at the beginning of the evening or after dinner is a wonderful way to get your guests laughing and set the tone for the rest of the night.

Game Shows (available by itself or as an add-on):
From Tune Trivia & Trivia Master, to our own versions of Minute To Win It, excitement at your party will be a sure thing. Group participation games allow for some fun competition between your guests, and the bragging rights of the winning team(s) are always well deserved. Our game shows can be booked seperately or added to any of our music packages and can last from 30 minutes up to two hours, depending on the game and number of people.

Karaoke (available by itself or as an add-on):
The original sing-along activity! We provide a wide variety of songs on DVD or CD+G, with the lyrics appearing on a monitor for the singer (less expensive packages with lyrics in booklets are also available). Individuals or groups are encouraged to sing along, regardless of talent. Karaoke works well in smaller bars and for smaller events, as it can keep a party going if there isn't much dancing. Our karaoke packages can be booked out on their own, or as an add-on to a DJ package.

Air Band (included w/ Diamond packages):
One of the best ways to kick-off a party! In advance of your banquet, you would hand pick a group of people (five to ten guests) that will be attending your event. These participants must be outgoing, enthusiastic, and well-known to most of your other guests. Your group of participants will be called to the dance floor or stage just prior to the dancing. They will be introduced one by one as great musicians to fanfare and adulation. Each person will be given an inflatable instrument to play (guitars, saxophones, keyboards etc.). The band will then be asked to warm up by playing a song together. They won't know what they will be playing until they hear the first few bars of the song, but once they do, it's hilarious! Your audience will have fun watching and clapping along with your band. By the end of the song, your entire group will be up on their feet, and most will even be out on the dance floor. Although we are only five minutes into the dance, your party will be in full swing! Because it is the surprise that makes this work so well, we ask that you do not tell the participants.

"Original" Icebreaker games (included w/ Platinum, Plus & Diamond packages) :
Our original dance-floor participation games. Your interactive disc jockey will entertain your guests and get people laughing by playing an Icebreaker game or two during the dance. If you are planning a formal event, or your guests are more conservative in nature, simple group events like a 'Twist' or 'Jive' contest, or even a limbo or conga-line can create laughter and long-lasting memories. If the nature of your event is more of a celebration or party, your DJ would play one of our appropriate party games to get your guests laughing and participating on the dance floor.

Please feel free to call us for more detailed information about the various Good Times Interactive services provided. A Good Times representative will happily answer any questions you have, as well as provide you with specific pricing of the different Good Times Interactive packages.

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