Calgary Christmas / Holiday Banquet Music & Entertainment

The music entertainment is typically the heartbeat of your Christmas or holiday banquet. At Good Times, we are fully committed to providing you with DJ entertainment options that can meet your entertainment expectations.

In the current economy, value is more important than ever. Good Times DJ's is determined to give you the most complete Christmas disc jockey entertainment packages with no hidden costs. We invite you to compare Good Times' corporate Christmas prices, quality and commitment with other DJ services in Calgary and Banff. (When speaking with other companies, ask for things like written many back-up DJ's do they have on-call each they provide back-up equipment to each they have liability insurance...) You will quickly notice a big difference in quality between Good Times and the others.

Unlike some other DJ companies, you will notice that we DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA for AVLA licensing, delivery and set-up of DJ equipment, proper attire (eg. suit & tie) and other, common-sense things. Hidden fees like these are becoming common in the DJ industry, but with Good Times, our various packages cover the most common options so you don't have to worry about surprises.

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Planning & Ideas

Creativity is a key to make your Company Christmas Party a memorable experience…

Every year we get lots of requests to help out with hints and tips on how to plan a Company Christmas Party. So we have gathered our resources to provide you with lots of ideas to make this year’s holiday party safe, fun and memorable experience for you and your co-workers. These ideas are designed for both large companies with great budgets as well as small businesses with minimum resources.


Do not focus your energy solely on the buffet, thinking food is what draws workers to the Christmas parties. The attendance will drop off because those parties are predictable.

The most deadly type of holiday party is a sit-down dinner at the boss’s house, which often has a pressure-filled conservative atmosphere. Holiday party hosts can play a major role in keeping their friends and families safe by looking at alternatives to alcoholic beverages. There are a few common sense rules that should be followed when hosting a holiday party. If alcohol is going to be served at a party, this Safe Holiday Party Guide will give you a few pointers when planning an event.

Organize & Prepare

You can start by sending out the invitations with a note included that there will be a prize for the person that decks out in the most Christmas gear. This can include anything from a Christmas costume to guests wearing garments that display cheerful holiday clothing, jewelry, hats, or anything that their imagination can dream up. The person that shows up to your party that is voted by all as wearing the “best dressed” Christmas outfit wins a wrapped gift of their choice from the gift table.

You can have an outgoing co-worker work with your DJ or band and announce the names of each new arrival, crown them with a Santa hat with their name, while reading something humorous about them. This works great especially at large Corporate parties when customers or large number of employees participate and not everyone knows each other. First names on Santa Hats work much better than name badges and the hats then double as party favors everyone gladly takes home.

But the energy of the party starts with the invitations…. or Christmas Greeting cards… one of our customers had a great idea to take a picture of all employees in Santa hats, personalized with employees names and use the postcard as a corporate Christmas card as well as Christmas party invitation for their customers. The Hats were then saved for the holiday party gala.


Try to have some fun program with games and activities for your Holiday Party before the dancing starts. Also make sure you have some great Christmas Party music. Most upscale DJ companies and bands are experienced with corporate Christmas and holiday parties and the variety of music and interactivity typically required.

Party Favors

Also, don’t forget to wrap the party up with a take-home gift party favor, such as a personalized stocking or a custom logo Christmas stocking with a gift certificate, a turkey or even an ornament with the company logo on it. Those custom imprint Christmas Stockings with your company logo are perfect decorations int the Christmas partry room and then when it’s time to leave you can give the stockings with Christmas bonus checks or Gift Certificates to your employees and some fun goodies like Logo ornaments to your customers and guests.

Finally, gather as many pictures from the party as possible, post them on the company bulletin board or a corporate website so the employees can share the experience with their families, customers or anyone who missed the party.

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